In this beautiful world created by God, Human being is one of the blessed creatures. The main aim of the human creation is to think, to act and thereby to lead a sacred life both by body and soul. In this wonderful world a poor illiterate parents were blessed with a male child on 3/10/1962.His parents gave him the name of Sri Narayanan.

At the age of 27, he was forced to marry. He was blessed with the girl child. In order to earn for his family, he started a business with the meagre amount, which flourished for about 3 years, latter it started disintegrating slowly, in spite of his efficient effort. He was isolated by his relatives which let him to give up his marital life. He was very disappointed about human nature which is money oriented.

At the age of 31, he gave up his marital life and he entered into sanniyasam.so he went to forest for searching the truth of life. He was roaming aimlessly for about 15 years without proper food and shelter. On auspicious day, at kanjanakiri mount near Vellore district, he received the truth of the life. He lived there for seven months by consuming a glass of milk per day. He isolated himself and spent his days only in meditation even without uttering a word. He felt a transformation and enlightened by the thought that everything in the world is fake, except the immortal soul. He then left to setthavarai village which is located in Gingee district, where in he stayed in a cave for 58 days without food and rest. As a result of his penance, God the almighty showered his abundant blessings by appearing before him.


Srisivajothimonasithar ashram located on Setthavari Village, Vettallam, Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. PIN CODE – 604152.

Meditations in the early morning/evening and Bhajans are a regular activity in the ashram. In Some occasions, puja, Veda chanting, spiritual talks or cultural programs can be a part of the activities.

Srisivajothimonasithar do not make differences between all enlighten masters, religions or creeds, as all path lead to the One and Only God.


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